Got any questions for me and my brother?

  1. stolennolan answered: Which is worse: taking something from Reddit and posting it on Tumblr, or taking something from Tumblr and posting it on Facebook?
  2. normfasey answered: Is this you, Grace?…
  3. katjeisman answered: Do you like Australia? :P
  4. elevara answered: what made you want to start a vlog?
  5. kismet94 answered: Who was your first kiss?
  6. isawbooradley answered: no, I’m just excited because TIMMMMM
  7. brobruhbra answered: If you could do anything with jennifer lawrence , what would you do
  8. sallysum said: Were are your boyfriends???
  9. brodiemaca98 answered: What’s your favourite childhood memory ?
  10. learningeveryday1993 answered: who are you?
  11. ehwolf answered: Favorite food
  12. thejusticebitch answered: Do you either of you have a favorite outfit?
  13. sgtcelite22 said: What is your favorite thing to do off camera? :)
  14. lilyymooore said: Have you ever dated someone that Tim later dated their sister?
  15. fucked-up-and-sold answered: why is Demi Lovato so hot?!?!?!
  16. blackkite answered: How do you two feel?
  17. ramdelossantos answered: Celebrity Crush? :)
  18. itgirls answered: did you ever play pranks on each other?
  19. averillapril answered: when did you guys meet for the first time?
  20. iowntheair answered: Does Tim remember me from his meet up? I’m the female horse (she neigh).
  21. ssarahclarke said: Na na na na na na na na na na Na
  22. ruinedjournal answered: How many chickens can you fit in your sock?
  23. samlovegood4044 answered: what happened to the shoe competition? who won Grace, WHO WON!?
  24. kylekazooie answered: Who likes to rock the party?
  25. brontexxx answered: What f.r.i.e.n.d.s character do you think you are like most?
  26. fonzalonz answered: Hey, Grace, I missed my friday class because I was watching all of your videos. Can we just be facebook official already?